Amiga 2000 - online in 2016!! With the awesome Plipbox ethernet adaptor

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My early experiences online came after I had my A500+ in the early 90’s and my only Amiga experiences in “Cyberspace” were on American BBS’s I dialed up from the UK, much to my parents disapproval. So I never had the pleasure of having to setup a TCP/IP stack on the beloved 500+.

Fast forward 20+ years and I’m now the proud owner of my childhood dream machine, an A2000 ‘030 with 9mb. But how to get it onto the “Matrix”? There’s a few options: a). The awesome but expensive x-surf Zorro II card b). Eye watering dial-up speeds over a modem or c). The creative and cheap Plipbox by lallafa.

Now a word of advice for A2000/A2500/A1500 users, the latest plipbox.device (0.6) doesn’t work on our machines, you will need to drop the 0.5 version into your devs:network folder. No need to re flash your Arduino with the older version if your’s came prebuilt.

MiamiDX was the TCP/IP stack of choice but another bit of advice, DHCP doesn’t work very well and you might have to configure your local IP, subnet, gateway and DNS servers manually but the author has you covered with some really easy to follow documentation.

Plipbox Amiga ethernet adaptor

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